About FPT

Founded on September 13, 1988, for nearly 26 years of development , FPT has always been the leading ICT company in Vietnam with the revenue of more than USD 1.2 billion (financial statement 2012), creating about 15,000 jobs for the society. The company’s market capitalization reached VND 10,000 billion in 2012 (equivalent to nearly USD 480 million), being one of the largest private enterprises in Vietnam (ranked by Vietnam Report 500).

FPT’s senior leaders in a business trip oversea.

Through conducting core businesses in the fields of information technology and telecommunications, FPT has been providing services to forty six out of sixty three cities and provinces of Vietnam and continued expanding its business to the global market. FPT has had clients or opened representative offices and companies in 17 countries including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, America, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Myanmar, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, United Kingdom, Philippines, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

FPT has intensive experience of establishing and implementing large scale business models. After nearly twenty six years, FPT is now the No. 1 company in Vietnam specializing in Software Development, System Integration, IT Services, Distribution and Manufacturing of IT products, and Retails. In telecommunications area, FPT is one of three biggest Internet services providers in Vietnam. In regard to content development, FPT is now the No. 1 online advertising company in Vietnam (accounting for over 50% of market share), owning an e-newspaper with more than 30 million page views per day, which is equal to the number of Internet users in Vietnam. In addition, FPT is one of the best IT training service providers in Vietnam with college and vocational training system, attracting nearly 16,000 students.

FPT has chosen technology as the foundation to reach new level of productivity. Each FPT employee is required to work creatively and flexibly to grasp new opportunities, applying and innovating technology to realize the OneFPT strategy which aims to turn FPT into the Vietnamese Leading Global Corporation.