FPT Retail Company Ltd.

FPT Retail Company plays the key role in consolidating and sustaining the top position of FPT Corporation in the WTO integration process.

This is the whole nation shops chains in uniform and service quality with aim to offer customers comforts and conveniences in hi-tech products shopping.

As a partner of the world brands in Vietnam, FPT Corporation will bring in important competitive edge for shop chains development, helping translate FPT Retail Company into a Vietnam top retail brand.

FPT Retail Company estimates USD 400 million revenue in 2009 with 4,500 employees and 100 shops in the nationwide.

English name: FPT Retail
General Director: Bui Ngoc Khanh
Employees: 132 (as late of December 2008)
Charter capital: VND 40,000,000,000
Equity of FPT: VND 40,000,000,000 (100%)
Website: http://www.fptin.com.vn