FPT University

FPT University was established under the approval of the Prime Minister dated 8th September 2006 with the mission to develop a new generation of university of international standards with modern education philosophy which combines training activities with the reality and the labour demand of the country, contributing a part in leveraging Vietnam to the same row with developed countries in the world.

The short term target of FPT University is to train and supply high quality human resources specializing in information technology, business administration and other related fields for FPT and other technology companies in general and software provider in Vietnam in particular.

The differentiation of FPT University is to train industrial engineer, which means the tight cooperation with IT firms, combining training with the reality to study and implement the most advanced technology.

With modern education philosophy and methodology, the training curriculum is always updated and complied with international standards, paying special attention to foreign language skills, production procedure, teamwork and other personal skills with internship and career opportunities available. Graduated students are offered the best jobs in FPT Corporation and other leading enterprises.

There are two subsidiaries under the administration of FPT University including:

Multimedia Training Center - FPT Arena:

With the strategic partnership with a number of leading software vendors such as Adobe, Macromedia, Discreet, FPT Arena possesses the strength to provide training courses on state-of-the-art multimedia technology. A course in FPT Arena includes four semesters: Graphic Suite (Graphics); Web design & development; Authoring Multimedia; and Animation suite

Learners are accredited with:

- ADIM – Advance Diploma In Multimedia (for full accomplishment of four semesters)

- DIM - Diploma In Multimedia (for accomplishment of the two first semesters)

International Programmer Training Center - FPT Aptech:

The training curriculum by FPT Aptech is designed based on the demand survey conducted among more than 600 largest software companies in the world, which is suitable with major technological trends such as: NET (Microsoft), J2EE (Sun Microsystems) and ACCP2005.

With diversified and modern curriculum, Aptech’s certification is accepted all over the world with various levels dependent on the course. Aptech’s Diploma is equal to the degree of a practical college.

English name: FPT University
Rector in 2006-2011 term: Le Truong Tung
Human resources: 309 (ở thời điểm 30/09/2009)
Charter capital: 15,000,000,000 VND
FPT ownership: 15,000,000,000 VND (100%)
Website công ty: http://www.fpt.edu.vn