FPT sees 13% revenue increase over 2013

Cập nhật vào lúc: 02/14/2014 15:00

Despite the slow economic growth, the core businesses of FPT Corp achieved positive growths.

Deputy General Director of FPT Software Nguyen Khai Hoan introduced the unit's activities to investors.

Closing the fiscal year, FPT earned total revenue of VND 28, 647 billion in revenue, an increase of up to 13 % compared with 2012. Before-tax profit reached VND 2,516 billion, up 5 % compared with 2012 while profit-after-tax was VND 2,065 billion.

Profit-after-tax of holding company was VND 1,608 billion. Earning per share (EPS) was VND 5,858. In 2013, FPT remitted VND 4,043 billion into the State Budget, increasing 8.8% compared with 2012.

Technology and Telecommunication accounted for the most proportion in before-tax profit pie with 75%.

Technology-related businesses reached VND 6,537 billion, increasing by 10% and finishing 100% of the year plan. Software export was considered the most prominent when it gained VND 2,154 billion in revenue, an increase of 24% compared with 2012.

With VND 4,137 billion in revenue, up 11 % compared with 2012, Telecommunication businesses saw a strong growth in the field of Internet and value-added services for individuals and enterprises. Before-tax profit of VND 970 billion contributed 39% to the total before-tax profit of FPT.

In Distribution and Retail, VND 17,420 billion in revenue, an increase of 22% compared to 2012 was gained mainly due to expansio8n of retail chain. Finishing 2013, the retail sector hit the goal of 100 stores, doubling the number of stores in 2012. The sales w ere about three times higher than in 2012, a 47 % increase comparison with expectations.

In 2013, the number of FPT employees was 17,419 people, an increase of 2,507 people, equivalent to 16.8 % compared with 2012.