FPT Telecom pioneers first 3 in 1 package

Cập nhật vào lúc: 03/28/2009 12:55

Hanoi, March 18, 2009 – Starting March 2009, FPT Telecom is offering a 3 in 1 service package: Internet provision; fixed phone lines, and Internet TV.

This new service allows clients to enjoy high-quality, basic communication services for work and entertainment purposes at a reasonable price.

The three new packages, called MegaMe+, MegaYou+ and MegaSave+ were developed on Triple Play technology – using IP infrastructure to transmit images, sound and data in one package to end users. These packages operate on FPT Telecom’s ADSL lines with bandwidth of upto 6 Mbps and FTTH super-speed cable lines.

Subscribers need only to subscribe at FPT Telecom, one line serves all three packages: Internet access, fixed phone lines, and Internet TV. Monthly billing for all three packages will be integrated into one.

With the aid of integrated technology, Triple Play needs only one IP infrastructure to operate, lowering the costs of initial investment. Therefore, the cost of this service is much lower than total billing costs of each individual service.

Triple Play also allows the provision of non-traditional services such as: fixed phone lines; on-demand movies, replay programs, data storage and sharing, IPTV…

Mr. Trần Hải Nam, General Director of FPT Telecom Northern said: “Telecommunication technology research is heading towards complete integration of all kinds of services. Developed nations have enjoyed the fruits of this integration for a long time, and now in Vietnam, FPT Telecom is the first provider of this service. We hope to bring customers new user-experiences at affordable prices, bringing clients closer access to advanced technologies”.

On the occasion of the provision of its new service, FPT Telecom (both North and South) are launching promotional campaigns with lucrative deals such as free subscriptions, free account credit, giving away free modems, decoders.

For more information concerning promotional campaigns, please visit: www.fpt.vn .

About Triple Play technology:

Triple Play is an advanced technology developed in 2004-205, using a single IP infrastructure to transmit images, sounds and data in one package to end-users. What makes this technology special is the integration of all three services: sound, video and data transmission all in one package, enabling high quality and ease-of-use, high user interaction, and optimum customized services. Triple Play integrated services include:

Data transmission: This feature is common to most users. FPT Telecom currently offers various ADSL and FTTH packages, catering to most demands of clients.

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television): IPTV provides entertainment services: on-demand movies and programs as well as various other value-added services. Users can see IPTV right on their personal computers or on TV with the aid of a decoder. FPT Telecom’s IPTV service, commercially known as iTV, currently have 62 channels and various special functions: replay program, on-demand movies/tunes, newspaper reading and sharing video clips…

VoIP (Voice over IP): VoIP transform sound data into digital signatures, then transmitting these IP packages through the Internet to the user. FPT Telecom service head number is 73, subscribers can customize 6 out of 8 characters of their phone numbers.

About FPT Telecom:

FPT Telecom was established in 1997, a subsidiary of FPT Corporation. FPT Telecom is one of the first 4 Internet providers in Vietnam. The company currently has a 35% market share, with roughly 350.000 subscribers. FPT Telecom is the leading provider of telecommunication and online services in Vietnam: from high bandwidth Internet, cable Internet, i-TV etc.

FPT Telecom currenly have representative offices in 8 cities and provinces of Vietnam:

- In the South: Hochiminh City (HCMC), Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Vung Tau, Can Tho.

- In the North: Hanoi, Haiphong.

With the motto “Full service, one connection”, FPT Telecom has strived to integrate more and more services into one service package. The company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with major global telecommunication companies, taken part in the construction of international cable transmission lines, breaching the physical boundaries of Vietnam, gaining access to the world market, consolidating the companies’ status as world’s top telecommunication giant.

For more information, please visit: www.fpt.net and www.fpt.vn .

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