FPT Telecom to provide FTTH Internet services

Cập nhật vào lúc: 10/14/2009 15:03

 Ho Chi Minh City, 2nd October 2009 – Commencing on October 2009, FPT Telecom shall upgrade the bandwidth of all FTTH services for its existing customers and apply this new bandwidth to new services with minimum of 14 Mbps (for FiberBronze) and maximum of 40 Mbps (for FiberDiamond). To date, FPT Telecom is the service provider of fastest FTTH in Vietnam.

With the bandwidth ranging from 14 Mpbs up to 40 Mbps, premiere Internet-based applications such as: dedicated- hosting server, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Data Transmission, Online Game, IPTV, VoD (Video-on-Demand), Video Conference, IP Camera…shall be offered more effectively, helping customer to save cost and time.

Ms. Huynh Thi Cao Thi, Vice General Director of FPT Telecom South said: “The free bandwidth upgrade for existing FTTH customers aims to meet customer’s demands better and better while the monthly fee remains the same. For new customers, FPT Telecom offers more options with attractive promotion programs”.

FPT Telecom’s FTTH new bandwidth versus the old ones:

Old speed (Mbps)           14           10           12          16          24             30
New speed (Mbps)           18           14           18          24          32             10

About FTTH services by FPT Telecom:

FTTH is state-of-the-art Internet access technology with optic fiber cabling to customer’s site, bringing stable transmission quality without any degradation caused by electromagnetic noises, weather or cable length. Wit FTTH technology, FPT Telecom is able to provide downloading speed up to 10 Gigabit/second, which is 200 times as fast as that of ADSL 2+ (20 Megabit/second).

Recently, FPT Telecom has been developing FTTH service packages dedicating to each specific customer group as follows:

- For corporate customers, there are FiberBronze, FiberSilver, FiberGold with two-way accessing speed of 14 Mbps, 18 Mbps, and 24 Mbps respectively. The international internet access speed is committed to reach 512 Kbps at minimum. The speed of FiberGold is 768 Kbps.

Since March 2009, FPT Telecom has provided two new services namely FiberPlatin and FiberDiamond with respective outstanding speeds of 32 Mbps and 40 Mbps and the minimum committed Internet accessing speed is 1.024 Kbps.

- Internet Agents: FiberPublic with maximum speed of 18 Mbps and a moderately economical monthly fee of 3.000.000VND is the optimal choice that meets the demand of computer concentration for concurrent usage and high stability.

In addition, FPT Telecom provides optional static IP service with acceptable fee attached with following services: FiberBronze, FiberSilver, FiberGold, FiberPlatin, FiberDiamond and FiberPublic.

For more information, visit: http://www.fpt.vn/ffiber.aspx.


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