FPT IS implements Oracle ERP solution for Tran Anh Digital World JSC

Cập nhật vào lúc: 10/18/2011 10:41

Hanoi , October 14, the project to implement Oracle ERP system for Tran Anh Digital World Joint Stock Company (Tran Anh) was launched successfully.

Mr. Tran Xuan Kien- CEO of Tran Anh and Mr. Mai Cong Nguyen- Director of FPT Information System for ERP Services (FPT IS ERP), a member of FPT Information System (FPT IS) signed the implementation plan, which schedules to complete installation of finance-accounting, sales management, procurement, warehouse, and management report for the entire company including headquarter, branches and retail shops within 11 months.

Mr. Kien revealed that Tran Anh had applied ERP in day-to-day operation since 2007 and decided to upgrade the system to meet management requirements, improve competitive edge and expand distribution system, aiming to be on of leading retail groups in Vietnam.

At the decision-making time, Tran Anh had studied and taken into consideration a number of ERP solutions and finally chose Oracle’s one. He explained that he had seen FPT succeed in applying such system for its distribution of IT products since 2005. In addition to upgrading the current ERP system, Tran Anh also plans to expand presence and establish 10 retail shops in other provinces and cities in Vietnam by 2015.

FPT IS has implemented ERP system for various organizations and large enterprises in Vietnam such as Ministry of Finance, FPT, Vietsteel-Pomina, Sai Gon Paper, Prime Group, Vinamilk, Dong Tam Group, Toan My, Dien Quang, Vietso Petro, SP-PSA International Port, Bien Hoa Confectionery, and Cable and Communication Material Corporation.