‘First Doctoral candidate' online contest

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HoChiMinh City, October 16th 2007. FPT Online Services Joint Stock Company (FPT Online) and Computer World Magazine coordinated to organize an online contest named Thien Long Trang Nguyen (The First Doctoral Candidate) with aim to find and praise young talents on internet.

The contest is imitated the Thi Trạng Nguyên (First Doctoral Candidate Contest) of the game Thiên Long Bát Bộ with large participations of all contesters apart from gamers community. So, all Vietnamese citizens living within the country and in foreign countries who have Gate Passport (GP) issued by FPT Online before August 15th 2007 can join the contest. Those who have not obtained GP and/or registered GP before the date required can join the game by registering a GP free via website https://psp.gate.vn.

Thien Long Trang Nguyen (The First Doctoral Candidate) is an online contest at website http://tl.gate.vn that takes place from October 15th to November 15th 2007. Young generation contesters have 150 seconds to answer 10 questions which were selected randomly from the contest bank of more than 600 questions that were composed by the organizer, including various contents related to history, geography, literature, math, chemistry, physics and english.

All contesters can join the game on any internet connected computers without limits to participations with the life-long learning spirit. Contesters will get results right after the test is completed and they are automatically programmed by computers for equality.

Every three day, the organizer will select the Trạng Nguyên (First Doctoral Candidate), Bảng Nhãn (First Rank Doctorate Second Laureate) and Thám Hoa (Third Highest Academic Title) based on the marks sheets from top-to-bottom, then they will get the award and listed on the Bảng Vàng Thiên Long (The Heaven’s Golden List) – which will be published on the official website and on the Computer World Magazine. In addition, the organizer spares thousands of incentive prizes to motivate contesters for their efforts and preparations to the contest.

All contesters who are gamers of Thiên Long Bát Bộ will have more advantages than others as in fact they had chances to practice Vietnamese history through the game Vietnamese History Learning program which is organized periodically. Cultural and educational activities launched by FPT Online as well as the game Thiên Long Bát Bộ was largely recognized by Vietnamese community and voted ‘The most favored new game 2007’ and “The typical international cultural and educational game 2007’.

More information of the contest Thiên Long Trạng Nguyên (The First Doctoral Candidate) and awards are also on the official website http://tl.gate.vn.

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