FPT Telecom Delivers interactive television - iTV

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HoChiMinh City, December 11th 2007, IPVT service of FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company – commercial name “iTV – Your Watches” was officially announced to be delivered in four cites: HoChiMinh City, Hanoi City, Thu Dau Mot City and Bien Hoa City after one-year pilot and infrastructure upgrade and the launch of new interactive interface of the service.

iTV decoder is connected with television and ADSL cable, customers enjoy full services on television.

Currently, iTV – Your Watches has 9 services:

- Television (45 channels)
- Video on Demands (VoD)
- Television on Demands (TVoD)
- Music on Demand (iMusic)
- Newspapers on Television (iNews)
- iRadio
- iStorage
- iMesseger
- Voting

The full services iTV - Your Watches is the first interactive television in Vietnam.

More than one year and a half, FPT Telecom perfected services and upgraded comprehensive network infrastructure for iTV - Your Watches implementation. For the time being, pictures on IPTV are MPEG2 formats like DVD, however it requires wide bandwidth for individual channel at 4 Mbps. Recently, upgraded network infrastructure to NGN (Next Generation Network) with 10 Gbps bandwidth, equipment infrastructure, narrow peripheral cables to ensure quality. iTV customers of FPT Telecom, using ADSL service, can upgrade their transmission line up 6 Mbps for television and internet services.

“More than one-year pilot operations, comprehensive reform of infrastructure and close coordination with contents providers, iTV – Your Watches believes in service development in near future” said by Ms. Trương Nguyễn Thu Hà – Services Director.

In addition to services available, interactive services are also on-going. Immediately, video and pictures sharing in iTV will be launched early next year which let customers share family pictures with relatives, integrated computer and television. Then, karaoke service will soon be implemented.

FPT Telecom joins hands with local and foreign contents provision partners to diversify services. Interactive services of IPTV offer customers contents on demands, television schedules weeks ahead and set time to change favorite programs.

There are about 10,000 iTV – Your Watches customers and 300,000 ADSL customers who just need to purchase an iTV decoder to get service. FPT Telecom expects to get 50,000 iTV customers in the first 6 months of 2008.

Information of IPTV service in the world:

In the world, IPTV has been implemented and invested by telecommunication corporations, for example in Hong Kong, PCCW implemented Now TV in 2003 (http://www.nowbroadbandtv.com/) and customers are of 650,000 – the robust television service in Hong Kong. In China, BesTV of Shanghai Media Group has 500,000 customers; it is expected to be a breakthrough next year with interactive and linked services on the occasion of Olympic Beijing 2008. In Korea, Hanro telecommunications provider – the second Internet connection provider – deploys HanaTV and has about 600,000 subscribers.

More information at http://iVN.vn.

About FPT Telecom:

FPT Telecom Joint Stock Company (FPT Telecom) was founded in 1997, a subsidy of FPT Technology Investment and Development Joint Stock Company. FPT Telecom has been one of four Internet providers in Vietnam, holding 40% market share with more than 200,000 customers.

April 2002, FPT Telecom was licensed IXP (Internet Portal Access Provider) - the highest level certificate in Vietnam for Internet providers.

February 2006, FPT Telecom became a provider offering pilot and internet commercial service via mobile and fixed wireless wideband - standard WiMax bandwidth 2.3 GHz and 3.3 GHz

March 2006, Internet Protocol Television run by Internet Protocol Television Center under FPT Telecom was officially put into operations.

November 2006, FPT Telecom became the first internet services access provider via fiber cable (Fiber To The Home - FTTH) in Vietnam. This is the latest high-speed internet access in the world.

December 2006, FPT Telecom was licensed the permit on “Telecom Services Provision and Network Installation” – the fixed telecom service in the nationwide by former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currently Ministry of Information and Communications). FPT Telecom will provide fixed telephony service based on NGN – New Generation Network.

January 2007, FPT Telecom was granted the Merit for positive contributions to internet development in Vietnam by Ministry of Information and Communications.

June 2007, FPT Telecom officially opened two branches in Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces. October 2007, in the North, FPT Telecom – Hai Phong Branch was put into official operations.

September 2007, FPT Telecom and EVN Telecom entered into a telecom services and network development contract herewith, FPT Telecom will rent the international lease line of EVN Telecom at 2,5GB speed, totaling USD 20 million contract within three years.

October 2007, FPT Telecom was granted the permit on “Telecom Services Provision and Network Installation”, herewith FPT Telecom will take the lead in investment, construction of the toll telecom network and international telecom network outside Vietnam with aim to provide direct services and offer sales of telecom services.

In addition to developing connection services; FPT Telecom sets long-run orientation of developing internet-based value added services such as design electronic solutions and websites for organizations and enterprises in Vietnam. Value added service consists of website designs, domain names, website storages, database, on-purpose e-mails, invisible e-mails, on- purpose servers.

More information please contact:

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