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Supporting young talents
  • FPT young talent center
  • Nguyen Van Dao Scholarship
In 1999, the FPT young talent center (FYT), an idea of FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh, was founded in order to gather Vietnam’s talented young people together and create conditions in which they could fully develop, become successful and contribute to national prosperity. In addition, FYT is thought to have become a bridge that connects talented youth for mutual support.
Each year, FYT will select 25-30 outstanding students at universities across the country. They must have a sufficiently high IQ, score well in GMAT, English and essay exams, work well in groups and interview well.
Activities of the Centre include:
  • Providing training programs to improve knowledge and soft skills.
  • Holding meetings that allow exchange and discussion with scientists, leading experts, and leaders of FPT and other enterprises.
  • Future career orientation.
  • Enabling members to take part in FPT projects.

After 20 years, FYT has worked with:

Talented students
Winning national prizes
Who have won international awards
MEMBERS WHO HAVE BECOME SUCCESSFUL : Dam Quang Minh, Rector of FPT University; Mr. Vuong Vu Thang, VCCorp CEO; Mr. Vuong Quang Khai, Deputy General Director of VNG; Nguyen Hoa Binh, CEO of PeaceSoft; Le Hong Viet, CTO of FPT ...
With the desire to provide the best learning conditions and development opportunities to students in difficult family circumstances and to talented young people, FPT created the 'Nguyen Van Dao Scholarship' in 2010.
Beginning in 2014, there have been three types of Nguyen Van Dao scholarships:
  • •     One for candidates in difficult situations with good academic achievements.
  • •     One for students with excellent academic achievements.
  • •     One for candidates with special achievements in the areas of Sports – Culture – the Arts.
  • •     The highest scholarship includes full tuition and living expenses for four academic years.

In 2020:

In 2020:

Scholarships were provided

Up to now:

Up to now:

Technology for the community
“Self-driving car'” coding competition for students
In 2020, the competition welcomed more than 1,000 students from 40 universities across the country and 8 international teams. The Digital Race was not only a playing field for popular technology trends such as AI, Big Data, Machine Learning... but also a stage that demonstrated how technology works and resolves practical problems to make life easier and better. By hosting the competition, FPT desired to help IT students learn, experience and become one of the core forces to motivate the nation of innovation. After 4 years of organizing, there were nearly 4,000 IT students around the world, such as the UK, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, France, Singapore..., to take part in the competition.   
Programming through CodeLearn platform contest
Based on CodeLearn – the online programming, training and exam platform, FPT organized various programming contests that attracted more than 3,900 students nationwide. The competition provided opportunities for students to improve their knowledge and develop their skills. The CodeLearn by FPT is currently a self-learning programming platform with more than 60,000 members from 5 countries.
Pupils, Students


With the desire to connect and help volunteer organizations and groups run more effectively and build a large volunteer community to spread kindness throughout the entire society, FPT has funded the technology to build the http://vicongdong.vn volunteer network.
All individuals and organizations who are interested in volunteer activities can participate in the largest volunteer network in Vietnam.
Vicongdong.vn organizes volunteer programs and exchanges; it connects volunteer groups; it presents the Chim En volunteer award to honor individuals and organizations for their outstanding volunteer achievements; and it supports volunteer training.

It is the largest volunteer network in Vietnam with more than

It is the largest volunteer network in Vietnam with more than

Volunteers nationwide


Projects have been implemented
Nurturing kindness
FPT is the first private enterprise in Vietnam to designate a day during which all employees are to take part in a practical activity that benefits the community. FPT’s Community Day (March 13th) has become a part of FPT’s humane culture. In order to spread the spirit of charity with the principle that every FPT employee is directly involved in, voluntary activities for the community and sharing with struggling people, FPT encourages each employee to contribute at least one day’s salary to the FPT Community Fund. 

In the complicated context of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was determined that sustainability is not only about promoting harmony within the economy, society and the environment but also the values of sharing benefits, moral imperatives and risks whilst placing humans at the heart of growth. Therefore, FPT’s action plans to implement the sustainable development strategy in 2020 aimed to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic on each stakeholder and the society as well. In 2020, FPT along with its staff and partners contributed VND146 billion to CSR activities. In which, the Corporation spent VND107 billion on Covid-19 prevention, accounting for 73,3% of the total CSR expenditures.

VND 146 billion
CSR Activities

Environmental Protection

FPT understands that protecting environment is one of the essential actions to help ensure sustainable growth for the company in particular and the society in general.

Implementing energy saving solutions
  • Deploying solutions to save energy at FPT University to save 341,200kWh, worth VND 500 million, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 19.2 tons per year
  • Launching the Green IT project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut the Data Center’s energy usage by 255,00kWh for a savings of VND 300 million per year
Joining wildlife protection activities
  • Becoming the first Vietnamese enterprise to sign the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Vietnam Program commitment to “Say no to the consumption of wildlife”'
  • Joining the 'Say No to Rhino Horn' program of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Vietnam (WWF)
The social responsibility awards
3rd prize in the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2012 by Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in cooperation with ministries and industries
The only Vietnamese enterprise to receive the Global CSR Award 2010 certificate
Certificate for the Enterprise that has outstanding performance in taking care of and protecting children in 2014 by Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)