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Strategic partners of FPT

FPT and Microsoft have collaborated for over one decade with many milestones:


  • In 2005, FPT became the first Gold Partner of Microsoft in Vietnam.
  • In 2006, FPT and Microsoft published the strategic cooperation agreement to develop IT applications in the Asia - Pacific.
  • In 2010, FPT and Microsoft signed the cooperation agreement to develop cloud computing services.
  • In 2013, FPT achieved a Microsoft Gold Mobility Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.


As an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, FPT offers cloud professional services and solutions to help customers focus on their business while still be able to broaden their market, reduce IT-operation cost, improve performance and enhance security on Cloud.

FPT has been a strategic partner of SAP since 2007. FPT is currently the only strategic partner of SAP in Vietnam and Indochina as well as the global partner of this firm in Asia - Pacific and Japan.

Smart TV Alliance - STA

In January 2013, FPT Software (a member company of FPT) officially became a member of the Smart TV Alliance (STA). FPT Software along with STA is now implementing the project to build, deploy and run cloud –based application store for smart TV.

The leading satellite TV provider in the U.S

FPT Software (a member company of FPT) is one of the partners to develop applications following new technology trends for TV services offered by a leading Satellite TV provider in the U.S. on a global scale. In 2015, FPT Software and this firm will expand the scope of cooperation. Accordingly, FPT Software need 300 IT engineers with experience in Java, Big Data, iOS, Android ... (More details at http://us-careers.fpt-software.com/) for the project.

FPT is an advanced partner with sufficient selling models by Apple including the APR (Apple Premium Reseller) for 1st tier, AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller) for 2nd tier and CES (Consumer Electronic Stores) for 3rd tier.

Mr John Donovan , Chief Strategy Officer, Group President

“The opportunity of FPT will be to help the telecommunications industry to move from Monolithic structure to Microservices, from process centric to data centric way of thinking.”


Mr. Jerome Modolo, Software R&D Director

“With over 7 years working with FPT, we have witnessed major changes in the company's technological capabilities, organizational capacity in order to catch up and prepare for global technology development trends, as well as to meet customers’ demands and create long-term growth motivation for its staff.” 

Mr. Masahiro Hayashi, President and Chief Executive Officer

“The cooperation between FPT with top-ranked companies in the world is forceful evidence that defines the leading position of the company in Vietnam’s information technology industry. FPT’s skillful staff made us trust and continue to cooperate with them until today. Recently, we have developed cooperation with FPT in the field of manufacturing. I’d love the relationship between Hitachi and FPT to expand and be more fruitful, not only in the field of software outsourcing but also in many other businesses.”

Mr. Tam Dao, Senior Engineering Manager

The reason why we chose FPT as a trusted partner is that we see a lot of potential from FPT from different angles. First is the resources and expertise. Second is the capability to collaborate with facilities to work in several projects. Finally, I know a lot about Vietnamese culture and therefore I feel that I can trust in FPT. FPT's engineers, managers and executives are all very cooperative. They are very friendly, understandable and willing to work with the client. They have a lot of enthusiasm and toughness so I’m pretty happy to see FPT as a potential client/partner of Sony.”

Mr. Paul Smith, Outsourcing Business Executive Chairman

“Harvey Nash has been a partner of FPT for over 10 years and together we’ve done 400 projects which says a lot in itself. Harvey Nash is a global organization and FPT quality, culture and global delivery model have really served this well. Our relationship reflects trust and the ease in doing business to enable our long term relationship.”