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Technology is being seen as a strategic tool that can be used to help organizations and enterprises enhance their competitiveness as well as promote innovation in their operations. With over 30 years of experience inside and outside the country and a team of 16.000 engineers and technology experts, we work closely with organizations and enterprises to develop and provide optimal solutions/services.

As one of the three leading telecommunications service providers in Vietnam FPT possesses:

  • The North – South backbone; Northern ring network; Mekong Delta ring network; the Vietnam – China terrestrial cable network; the submarine cable network AAG, APG, AAE-1, IA; the Vietnam – Cambodia international network
  • 04 data centres across the country
  • Internet infrastructure coverage in 63 cities and provinces
  • International band-with capacity of 1.2 Tbps

FPT is currently the leading distributor and retailer in Vietnam with:

  • ·More than 30 partners including Asus, Acer, Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle..
  • ·FPT branded telephones, computers and tablets.
  • ·1,500 distribution agents in 63 provinces and cities.
  • ·Apple retail chain of APR (Apple Premium Reseller), AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller) and CES (Consumer Electronic Stores) outlets
  • ·More than 200 retail stores in 63 provinces and cities.
  • ·Apple Authorized distributor in Vietnam.

With the desire to improve the quality of human resources for the ICT industry in particular and for Vietnam in general, FPT has pioneered education innovation by:

  • ·Implementing modern training programs according to international standards..
  • ·Training programs which involve both universities and businesses, combining training with practice and research with deployment.
  • ·Attaching special importance to language skills.
  • ·Strengthening the manufacturing organization process, teamwork skills and personal skills training.