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Broadband Internet
Internet, an extraordinary and convenient tool that enables individuals to experience all utilities as well as explore an endless treasure of knowledge and enjoy all forms of entertainment in an optimal way. FPT builds service packages just for individuals and households to meet their demand for private Internet access, including ADSL , FTTH.
Leased line
Internet Leased Line is a service providing Internet connection directly to the International (GIA) and domestic Internet (NIX). Unlike ordinary Internet connections, Internet Leased Line can provide all speeds from 01 Mbps to tens of Gbps with the best commitment on reliability, connection speed, special customer care.
Global Internet Acess (GIA) is an Internet connection service with a separate international gateway for agencies, companies and representative offices with high requirements about quality and bandwidth for International Internet connection.
National Internet Exchange (NIX) is an Internet connection service through VNNIC and major ISPs in Vietnam, based on the high speed Peering infrastructure that is directly connected from FPT to other ISPs and vice versa.
Data Center
FPT offers specialized servers, rack and server space, connections from servers to the Internet environment and direct, private connections to clients’ offices via an intranet environment with data centers with Uptime Tier III certification.
Broadcast services
FPT Television is a multimedia television service provided by FPT Telecom. It is the pioneering service in the use of IPTV technology in Vietnam. With the message 'Watching is love', FPT Television continuously researches and launches a variety of high-end, high-interactive and content-rich entertainment gadgets via the broadband internet connection protocol.
Online services
  • Online media: A system of electronic newspapers with 15 billion page views per day.
  • Sendo.vn: the e-commerce marketplace is built using the B2B2C (business-to-business-to-consumer) model with number and value of transactions being among the top in Vietnam.
  • FPT Play: As a multimedia entertainment product with more than 6 million users and 58 million page views per month, FPT Play let users watch online TV and enjoy movies, sports, music on many different platforms (mobile and web. Smart TV)
  • FPT Play Box: A home entertainment box to meet users' needs of watching TV with new content every day and no monthly subscription fee
  • Fshare: This is one of the leading cloud-based resources storage and sharing service provided with massive capacity and the best storage system located in FPT Telecom’s international standard data center.
  • Fsend: This service allow users send large files up to 20GB
  • Mix166: Mix 166 is the first EDM (Electronic Dance Music) streaming application in Vietnam. Artist can upload their performance, and even get money from their own products. Mix166 is expected to become a community for EDM lovers.
  • Startalk: Startalk is the first online TV platform in Vietnam. The lattest in society, showbiz, fashion, beauty, entertainment, communities are reported in vivid and interesting videos.