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Life in FPT
FPT attaches special importance to enhance our distinctive organizational culture, respect individual differences and build a modern and creative workspace in order to make the best environment for FPT-ers to reach their potential and express team spirit.

Career orientation
You want to join us, but do not know where to start? To meet its development goals, FPT frequently has a variety of job vacancies. Whether you are a recent graduate or a person with work experience, we guarantee that we will provide the best conditions for the development of your talent. Take some time to learn more about career opportunities at FPT.

Policies for employees
The most valuable asset of FPT is our human resources and our policy is to attract, discover and as well as worthily behave towards. In addition, we focus on training, salary and bonus policy, social welfare and healthcare in order to ensure FPT-ers’ legitimate rights, both material and spiritual..

Recruitment Process
Thank you for your interest in career opportunities in FPT. Take some time to review the recruitment process if you want to set yourself up in business with us.


Job opportunities
FPT is now present in 21 countries and 63 provinces/cities in Vietnam. We welcome candidates with ambition and the desire to work in a dynamic, creative and professional international environment. If you have a desire for change, do not hesitate to join us as we reach new heights.