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Creative Workspace
FPT attaches special importance to developing infrastructure and building a friendly working environment. The Corporation has built office areas such as F-Ville, F-Town and FPT Da Nang, FPT Complex... based on a campus concept in order to create a motivating work environment in which employees will unleash their full potential.
Unique culture
FPT is one of few Vietnamese enterprises that have maintained and celebrated traditional days for many years. This includes FPT’s Community Day (March 13th), Origins Day (March 10th in the lunar calendar), FPT’s Anniversary (September 13th), FPT Village Festival (December 22nd in the lunar calendar) and the Trang Contest ...
Respecting differences
FPT acknowledges everyone as being who they are, with their own strengths and weaknesses, the good and the bad. FPT encourages everyone to be themself, advocating reasonable initiatives, proposals and creating opportunities for people to improve themselves.
Spirit of Innovation
This is a special virtue of FPT-ers. We always question whether there is somee other way to solve the problem, to lead in new technologies, new products, mode of administration and new business sector. The spirit of innovation combined with continuous learning helps FPT develop and maintain its position as the leading technology company in Vietnam.
Spirit of Teamwork
FPT-ers not only do their own jobs but also show an interest in their colleagues to jointly seek a common goal. When a teammate has an accident, people are always there to give a helping hand. It is this sincerity that makes FPT-ers’ parents and spouses sympathetic towards their loved ones’ selfless labor for the Corporation.