FPT showcases AI, Cloud, and blockchain technology at ITU Digital World 2021


On October 12, the International Convention Center (Hanoi) formally launched the ITU Digital World Conference and Exhibition 2021, with participation of the Prime Minister, heads of ministries and sectors, and 193 representatives of international and Vietnamese technological organizations. ITU Digital 2021 is organized around the topic "Building a digital world together" and is structured around three pillars:

  • The necessary infrastructure for digital transformation

  • Investment and facilitation of digital transformation through policies

  • Key factors for digital transformation 

The event is divided into two primary components: a virtual forum featuring a series of specialized seminars and ministerial conferences between countries’, and an online exhibition featuring over 200 exhibitors from firms in 40 countries worldwide. 

From October 12 to November 12, 2021, the online exhibition will be held with two areas showcasing firms' products, services, digital solutions, and national pavilions. As the top IT enterprise in Vietnam, FPT is proud to have three solutions introduced at the national booth, including Technical Troubleshooting Solution on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE), akaBot, and Base.vn. Vietnam's national pavilion will exhibit 12 digital solutions in the areas of Covid-19 prevention, e-commerce, business support platforms, telecommunications, and digital technology. This is an opportunity for FPT to build its brand, grow its market, and reach out to customers and partners throughout ITU's 193 member countries. 

Along with the items showcased at the National Pavilion, FPT also showcased new technology solutions such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain at the company's exposition booth. The solutions featured and exhibited at this expo are part of FPT's renowned ecosystem of digital transformation solutions designed to assist businesses and organizations in increasing productivity, reducing expenses, and making the most of their digital transformation investments and corporate resources to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic's hurdles and be prepared to breakthrough in the "green normal." In the current situation, to provide "weapons" to assist local governments, organizations, and enterprises inefficiently preventing epidemics, ensuring social security, ensuring business continuity, and sustaining company development in the face of the pandemic, FPT has implemented the FPT eCovax Comprehensive Solution, which includes technical solutions, orientation, and comprehensive advising to help boost antibody production and adapt nimbly to all illness developments. 

The online exhibition booth for FPT is displayed here.


A solution to resolve technical issues on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HoSE) was delivered by FPT within 100 days, assisting HoSE in totally resolving the overload situation, facilitating the smooth flow of capital, and enhancing the company's prestige to global organizations and investors. Vietnam's credibility in the eyes of international institutions and investors. The approach assisted in increasing the system's tolerance level from 900,000 orders per day to 3-6 times, equivalent to around 3-5 million orders per day, helping in resolving the HoSE overload and fulfilling the stock market's expanding demand. 

akaBot - Robotic Process Automation Solution - Robot Process Automation (RPA) enables businesses to automate repetitive, manual operations, resulting in cost and time savings of up to 60% and 90%. akaBot's processing speed is ten times faster than that of humans, reducing reliance on humans, lowering expenses, and converting resources while offering services to clients. akaBot helps to reposition resources in work that brings value to the business. Currently, akaBot is being used by 50 significant corporate customers in 13 countries. Additionally, this solution has won numerous awards worldwide, including the Best Process Automation award presented by The Asian Banker Vietnam 2021 in May and inclusion in the Gartner organization's list of Peer Insights, which includes 20 firms such as UIPath, Automation Anywhere, and Blue Prism. 


With over 5,000 customers, Base.vn is the most popular company management platform in Vietnam. Base.vn is purpose-built for specific tasks such as job administration, proposal approval, process management, human resource management, timekeeping, and remuneration... but can still interchange data via Webhooks and APIs on a common platform. Additionally, Base.vn can connect solutions from various sources, resulting in a robust and complete toolkit. Over the last five years, the Base.vn platform has generated 12 million jobs, 13 million monthly interactions, over 50,000 automated procedures, and almost 2 million accepted bids.


FPT.AI - A game-changing platform for business performance through artificial intelligence, now providing over 20 exceptional AI services to over 80 top domestic and international organizations, with over 200 million users. Each year, it is used by 50,000 programmers, helping over 11 million end-users. Typical products include the following: a multilingual intelligent conversation platform in English, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Bahasa; a call center virtual assistant that assists in the development of a natural interactive smart virtual assistant; and the ability to identify customers online and extract information from photographs. Notably, TPBank, SeABank, VP Bank, Home Credit, FE Credit, SSI, AIA, FWD, Grab, Honda, and Vietnam Airlines are just a few of the satisfied customers. 


FPT Cloud – A next-generation cloud platform with 50 products and services that spans the infrastructure service layer, platform and application services, and traditional artificial intelligence capabilities such as virtual server services, data backup services, and security services... Processing of natural language, Extraction of data from photos, text-to-speech conversion, etc. At the moment, the product is trusted and used by over 100 significant domestic and international enterprises, with over 10,000 average frequent customers, including GreenFeed, the World Bank, Tima, and 7-11. 


akaChain - A platform that enables enterprises to construct a business network utilizing distributed application technologies rapidly. The platform's distinguishing feature is its ability to significantly reduce the time required to implement processes such as electronic customer identification (eKYC), credit scoring, loyalty programs, and traceability origin. 

FPT.eContract - An electronic contract solution that enables the automated signature of contracts/documents in an electronic environment for all parties involved in the signing process. Enterprises and organizations can manage the development, modification, approval, and storage of contracts/records on a centralized platform at any time and from any location, saving up to 80% in time and 85% in cost. Currently, FPT.eContract has successfully implemented 67,322 electronic contracts/records