FPT supported IT equipment and infrastructure in field hospitals in Can Tho


In Can Tho, five field hospitals with a total size of 2300 beds were created before the spread of Covid-19. Both field hospitals No. 1 and No. 2 are mainly used for receiving, categorizing, providing emergency treatment and curing for patients infected by Covid-19 (receive primarily emergency treatment and treatment, categorize and treat cases Covid-19). Three field hospitals No. 4, No. 5, and 6 are dedicated to treating local patients with Covid-19.

Once the information was obtained, FPT immediately carried out a survey and rushed to execute an IT infrastructure upgrade in five field hospitals in Can Tho. Essential information technology and solutions for the surveillance of patient health status, consultation, and online medical and nursing meetings, to reduce the pressure on frontline white-shirt soldiers are well-equipped in every hospital, including OnMeeting apps for online meetings, Internet connections, Wi-Fi access points, printers, and security cameras. The deployment process was implemented rapidly, following epidemic prevention principles, to promptly put them into action, ensuring the safety of all people, and ensuring that the field hospital operated efficiently.

FPT's primary objective was to complete the installation as rapidly as feasible and guarantee quality following delivery to the hospital for use during the implementation process. The time to finish the infrastructure is a problem on average 2-3 days in each facility for FPT experts and personnel. In deployment at five hospitals in a total of 15 days means the best effort of the team of technicians, who work from early to late in the evening, is to mobilize staff in the evening for days lasting until 0 am and to perform the task of promptly supporting the running of the hospital.

The FPT also swiftly supported a range of ailments to maintain the spirit of joining hands to prevent the epidemic throughout the country, from the beginning of the 4th wave of the Covid-19 outbreak - started earlier this July. FPT had supported Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang field hospitals immediately to help the frontline doctor's daily medical examinations and therapies