PT IS delivers Vietnam Electricity solutions for building and deploying systems


The Electricity and Information Technology Company of Vietnam National Electricity Group (EVN) and FPT IS ERP have just signed the agreement "Provide solutions to build application platform architecture for software development." 

Accordingly, FPT IS ERP will provide EVN ICT with synchronous services, including architecture foundations, technology for production, deployment, and operational software for the move towards the cloud platform, software development, and organizational model. 

Furthermore, the system also offers the customer simultaneous training and technology transfer - from managers, architects of the solution, business analysts, technical team leaders, programmers, etc. 

During the deployment, FPT IS ERP will develop and test a software module with EVN ICT in conjunction with its installation process to support the operation flow. The total execution of the project will be within four months. The system is scheduled to work in January 2022. 

EVN ICT will be delivered synchronously via FPT IS ERP.

In the deployment process, FPT IS ERP as well as EVN ICT has developed a module to support operation. The deployment time tends to last within 4 months. The system will start operated on January 2022