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Forbes: 'FPT become Vietnam’s best listed tech company'


According to Forbes Vietnam, the 2019 after-tax profit of the 50 companies listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE) and the Hanoi Exchange (HNX) was nearly VND138.7 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 8.7 percent, the highest ever.

The companies are expected to have great resilience when the economy of Vietnam is facing the most challenges in the past 10 years. In particular, FPT is the only technology company named among the list. This is also the 8th time that FPT has been honored by Forbes.

Despite the initial disruption amid COVID-19 pandemic, FPT achieved an impressive growth for Q1/2020. In which, consolidated revenues and PBT reached 6,631 billion and 1,142 billion, enjoying the growth of 17.0% and 18.9% y-o-y respectively, equivalent to 102% targets for the quarter.

Preparing for the potential macroeconomic tension in case that the pandemic lockdown prolongs, FPT is determined to keep employees safe, activate wartime working mode to enhance the competitive capabilities, and follow closely with the strategic vision as well as dividend distribution plan to ensure the shareholders’ interest.

FPT introduces a set of solutions to help businesses make breakthroughs in the 'new normal'.

Forbes Vietnam uses the Forbes (US) ranking method, taking into consideration the context of listed companies in Vietnam. The data used for the assessment is based on the audited financial statements of the five consecutive years of the period 2014-2018. The companies selected on the list must have notable double growth indicators of revenue, ROE, ROC, EPS growth. These companies need to create more jobs for workers, benefits for shareholders and investors, as well as contribute positively to the national economic development.