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FPT continues providing 4.0 technology solutions for Vietnam Airlines


FPT and Vietnam Airlines signed strategic cooperation agreement for the third period of 2020-2023 to take full advantage of each other's strengths for development and breakthrough.

This is the third cooperation agreement between the two leading enterprises in the field of aviation and ICT since 2013. For nearly 6 years, the cooperation between the two sides has provided not only practical values, which paved the way for their development but also new technology products, services and solutions, helping promote the information technology sector in the aviation industry in Vietnam and the region.

Under this agreement, FPT and Vietnam Airlines continue developing and focusing on three main lines: Technology solutions, Telecommunication infrastructure and Passenger transport. The two sides will cooperate in research and investment in the development of products and services on the basis of shared investment capital, revenue, expenditure and copyright.

FPT will provide Vietnam Airlines with the products, services and solutions using Industry 4.0 technologies in areas such as digital transformation, e-commerce, and mobile application development, helping improve the operational efficiency and the quality of products and services, as well as better customer experience.

The carrier having four-star international service standard will supply its transport service for passengers, luggage and goods, and other trade services, as required by FPT. The firm will give preferential trade status to FPT as one of its big customers.

According to Mr. Pham Ngoc Minh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Airlines, FPT is a strategic partner that has a long-term cooperation with the carrier. Over the past 6 years, FPT has provided not only IT infrastructure but also useful solutions and applications for Vietnam Airlines. "Entering the 3rd phase, I expect FPT to help Vietnam Airlines make an impressive change, recover from Covid-19 and offer Vietnam Airlines customers the best new technology experience," said he.

“The 6-year strategic cooperation between FPT and Vietnam Airlines demonstrates a long-term and sustainable partnership between the two sides, and shows FPT's strategy of accompanying major partners to promote digital transformation in Vietnam and around the world," stated FPT CEO Nguyen Van Khoa. "In the new normal era, the future of digitalization becomes even brighter and offer new opportunities that promote the cooperation between FPT and Vietnam Airlines. With its ecosystem of DX solutions, experience working with large corporations in the world, especially in the field of aviation and enthusiastic young employees, FPT commits to accompany Vietnam Airlines in making a successful digital transformation and then achieving breakthroughs," added he.

Aviation is one of the important sectors in which FPT provides domain solutions. In the fourth industrial revolution, the firm has been focusing on investing in R&D of solutions and services based on core technologies in the revolution. It is also willing to provide digital transformation services to corporations in the field of aviation and others.

In 2019, FPT Software became one of the first five Airbus’s Skywise certified partners to drive digital collaboration across the global aviation industry.