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FPT IS kicks off FPT.iHRP project for MIC


FPT IS (a member company of FPT Corporation) just kicked off the project of implementing the payroll and human resource management software FPT.iHRP for Military Insurance Corporation (MIC).

The project helps MIC to optimize the management and improve the efficiency of human resource exploitation, contribute to bringing new values in management, business, seizing opportunities, creating breakthrough momentum in a new stage of development.

Within 20 weeks, FPT IS will deploy 6 modules under FPT.iHRP including: System Administration, HR management, Training, Personal Service, and Evaluation and Recruitment.

The project is a prerequisite for MIC to implement other technology systems for management and business

“This project has special meaning for us as MIC is the first unit to deploy the payroll and human resource management software in 2 phases. This is the premise for MIC to deploy other technology systems for management and business,” said HR Director for MIC Nguyen Thi Thuy Hoa.

FPT IS expects that this project will be an important milestone, marking a new development in the long-term strategic partnership and opening up open up new cooperation opportunities between the two sides.