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FPT Telecom – a pioneer in IPv6 transition in Vietnam



The meeting was in a series of activities under the plan to expand the promotion of IPv6 development in 2016 issued under Decision No.936/QD-BTTTT on June 02, 2015 in order to assess FPT Telecom’s IPv6 deployment in recent years.

Mr. Tran Minh Tan and the delegation highly appreciated the contribution of FPT Telecom to raising Vietnam's position in the world in the IPv6 penetration. "FPT Telecom became the Vietnamese pioneer in IPv6 transition as the firm followed the trends and moved in IPv6 development direction inside and outside the country. This effort helps solve the problems of IP address space and technological development in the near future,” said he.

According to, As of October2, FPT Telecom ranked 47th in terms of IPv6 Deployment and 2nd in Vietnam following VNNIC.

FPT officially offered IPv6 services on a large scale on June 7 and reached nearly 600,000 users.   

To achieve these remarkable results, FPT Telecom always actively participated in meetings with National IPv6 Task Force; IPv6 training courses by VNNIC. Song song đó là các hoạt động triển khai nội bộ, đào tạo cán bộ chuyên sâu, liên tục xây dựng đề án chuyển đổi IPv6 cho mạng FPT Telecom. Besides, many internal training activities were deployed, while IPv6 transition projects for FPT Telecom network were developed. Every year, a significant amount of money was spent on investment in IPv6 deployment.

Recently, FPT Telecom officially launched Hi FPT – an app for users of FPT internet service and FPT Television nationwide. It is expected to update feature of registration for IPv6 transition.

Specifically, FPT Telecom has successfully deploy IPv6 with over 5 different types of FPT modem including technology GPON, EPON and ADSL, deployment of IPv6 for the intranet; building support IPv6 firewall ...

In addition, 100%  of FPT Telecom’s website were made available via IPv6 namely fpt.vn; Truyenhinh.fpt.vn; IPv6.fpt.vn; Fshare.vn; Fsend.vn; FPT Play.net; FPT Play.tv; Office365.fpt.vn etc.

As planned, by the end of 2016, FPT Telecom will hit the goal of 700000-750000 IPv6 users as well as work together to make VNExpress available over IPv6.

In 2017, FPT Telecom will continue to better and build IPv6 connections to important upstream, peering and content; complete the upgrade of national IPv6 infrastructure; the transformation of networks, services, applications, software and devices, ensure that Vietnam’s Internet is fully IPv6 capable; hit the goal of 30% of users transitioning to IPv6. In 2017, it is expected that more than 1,000,000 broadband users of FPT Telecom IPv6 will be ready for IPv6.