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FPT wins award at Channel Asia Innovation


Thanks to its superb abilities in detection and prevention of data security threats, FPT.EagleEye MDR solution has received acclaim as a New Technological Innovation by Channel Asia Innovation Awards.

The Innovation Awards is an annual event hosted by Channel Asia – a prominent telecommunications tech journal in ASEAN countries and India. This year, the Awards show saw the participation of 332 nominations from 90 tech firms coming from seven countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

After Qualifications and Voting, the board of judges has announced the winning individuals and divisions in seven different categories. In select categories with particularly noteworthy entries, aside from a runner-up, the board has also elected to grant a special “Highly Commended” award.

In the field of Data Security, FPT IS (a subsidiary of the FPT Corp.) entered into the Finals alongside the big names in IT and telecommunications like Genesis Networks, Netpluz, NTT, and Onesecure Asia. After voting, FPT IS took home a Highly Commended award, and was celebrated alongside the runner-up, NTT.

FPT.EagleEye MDR is currently the first and only software of its kind in Vietnam to rapidly detect and resolve threats on the Endpoint, thus minimizing the manpower demands, operational costs, as well as the time taken in data surveillance and safety on a corporate or organization level.

FPT.EagleEye MDR can analyze thousands of tasks recorded on the Endpoint via its cloud computing-based intrusion detection system. As soon as threats are detected, FPT IS experts will quickly warn and consult the client on protection measures. FPT IS promised to maintain system-wide high security even while the user is asleep.

Prior to Channel Asia Innovation Awards, FPT.EagleEye MDR also managed to earn FPT IS several prestigious domestic awards such as the 2018 Exemplary Data Security Service, the 2019 Venus Award, the 2019 Vietnamese Digital Transformation Award, and the 2020 Made in Vietnam Digital Solutions Commendation…