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Launching three new products and solutions launched at FPT Techday 2019


4,500 attendees of FPT Technology Forum 2019 had direct access to the ecosystem of FPT's tech platforms in the exhibition area. Especially, at the event, FPT also officially launched 03 new products and solutions to help businesses improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.

FPT u.Services – a unified service portal.

FPT.uServices is the first product in Vietnam that digitalizes internal operations centrally. The internal business processes are digitized using high technology on a single platform. This reduces time for approval by 90%, time for internal transactions by 50%, saving tens of billion dong.

FPT.uServices is the first product in Vietnam that digitalizes internal operations on a single platform.

AkaBot – a robotic process automation (RPA) solution

akaBot is a comprehensive RPA Solution, helping to automate business process for enterprises in various sectors. akaBot helps decrease processing time by up to 90% and manpower by 70%. AkaBot is applied in the following processes: automating data download; automating HR process etc.

Businesses specializing in any field can start smart with akaBot

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center

FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center applies identification, voice analyzation, and natural language processing technologies to make natural automatic calls in Vietnamese.

With the solution, businesses will also receive statistical reports and detailed analysis on the content, status, and metrics of calls, so that they can make better decisions on the Call Center’s procedures, as well as on more optimized marketing strategies for difference customer classifications.

The FPT.AI Virtual Agent for Call Center can make hundreds of outbound calls to large amounts of customers, all with personalized contents, for notification of information regarding the businesses’ products/services, promotions, unwanted conditions, surveys, appointments, confirmation, and so on.